Root Canal Treatment In Rocklin, CA

A root canal treats and recovers the deep-seated infection, decay, or trauma that affects the central portion of the tooth called the pulp. The tooth's health includes its nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. Special techniques are used to address the damage in the pulp portion of the tooth for a root canal so that the tooth can be preserved and kept away from tooth loss as well.

How Will You Feel After The Treatment?

After a root canal, you may feel:

  • Pain is due to natural tissue inflammation, which is natural if you had it before the procedure.
  • The medications suggested by a dentist can avoid discomfort or sensitivity.
  • Regular oral hygiene habits, like brushing and flossing, are needed to maintain the treatment.
  • But still, you should get checked by your dentist at the scheduled intervals.

Why Is It Necessary To Remove The Pulp?

The pulp is necessary to remove because when it breaks down, the bacteria multiply in the pulp chamber. The infection or the abscessed tooth that forms pus destroys the tooth's root.

The infection in the tooth root and the abscess can cause swelling that may also spread to the face, neck, or head. It can lead to bone loss near the tip of the root. It can produce a hole through the side of the tooth, making the way to the drainage into gums or from cheeks to skin.


What Are The Symptoms That Indicate That You Need A Root Canal?

Many people have pain and discomfort, especially when biting down or chewing. They experience extreme pain and swelling in the gum tissue surrounding the tooth, showing that they need a root canal. Sometimes you might even experience persistent or recurring pimples on the gums. You might start getting a discolored tooth.

The tooth gets too sensitive to hot or cold foods or drinks. The best way to know the best treatment is to see the dentist when you get the first signs or symptoms. The dentist can assess your tooth by taking an x-ray to depict more clearly what is happening inside your tooth.


What Should You Expect From This Treatment?

As the root canal procedure is completely done, a permanent filling will be inserted. It would be better not to pressurize the area under repair by chewing. It will prevent the tooth's interior from recontaminating, preventing a weak tooth from breaking before it can be adequately restrained.


Is The Root Canal A Painful Treatment?

With the help of today's pain management and sedation techniques, it is comfortable and practical to reduce the feeling of discomfort both during and following the root canal.


Please find out more about root canals as you visit our office.

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